How do I distribute my songs ?

How do I distribute my songs?

Embarking on digital music distribution is an exciting step to elevate your music career. With MAC Music Global, you can effectively distribute your songs by following these steps:

Create a MAC Music Global Account:

Start by creating an online account with MAC Music Global. Our platform offers an easy-to-navigate interface to manage your distribution process seamlessly.

Upload Your Songs:

After logging into your account, upload your songs to MAC Music Global. Ensure your high-quality audio files and compelling visuals are included to present your songs attractively.

Select Distribution Options:

MAC Music Global provides options to distribute your songs to a variety of platforms. Choose the suitable options to have your music featured on popular platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and more.

Copyrights and Revenue Sharing:

MAC Music Global adopts a transparent and fair approach to copyright management. Learn about the copyrights of your songs and the revenue-sharing process, and manage this aspect effectively.

Promotion and Marketing:

Post-distribution, MAC Music Global offers promotional and marketing services. Explore strategies to reach a wider audience and enhance the visibility of your songs.

Review Data and Analytics:

MAC Music Global provides comprehensive data and analytics to understand the performance of your songs. These insights help you comprehend your audience and make informed decisions for your future endeavors.

Distributing your songs with MAC Music Global is an excellent step to share your music with a global audience. Our platform streamlines every step and collaborates with you to shape your music career.