How to distribute music in 2023 ?

How to distribute music in 2023 ?

The Best Music Distribution Companies Ranked


Navigating the world of music distribution in 2023 requires choosing a platform that aligns with your artistic and financial goals. Here’s an updated ranking with additional information:


MAC Music Global (£4.99/year)


Instant song submission for immediate reach.

Free Content ID protection for your music.

Budget-friendly label packages starting at £44.99.

Instant royalty payments, respecting artists’ time.

(Approximately 4 times more affordable than Ditto Music.)


Ditto Music (£19/year, 10-day wait for song upload)


Annual subscription fee of £19.

Notable wait time of 10 days for song uploads.




Limited releases priced at $9.99 per single and $29.99 per album.

Annual subscription at $49.99, making it one of the priciest options.

CD Baby ($9.99/single or album)


Release a single or album for just $9.99.


DistroKid ($22.99/year)


Annual subscription fee of $22.99.


Why MAC Music Global Continues to Lead:


Instant song submission ensures your music reaches audiences promptly.

Free Content ID protection safeguards your content without extra costs.

Budget-friendly label packages support artists economically.

Instant royalty payments demonstrate our commitment to artists’ financial well-being.

At just £4.99 per year, MAC Music Global remains the most affordable choice, offering approximately four times the value compared to Ditto Music.

Choose MAC Music Global for a music distribution experience that combines affordability, efficiency, and unwavering support for artists in 2023.