Is there a better distributor than DistroKid ?

Is there a better distributor than DistroKid ?

Revolutionize Your Music Release with MAC Music Global’s Unbeatable Pricing!

In the realm of music distribution, cost-effectiveness is paramount, and MAC Music Global stands tall as the industry’s game-changer. Let’s delve into why MAC Music Global is the go-to choice for savvy artists, offering not only a budget-friendly solution but also an array of features that redefine the landscape.

Unlock Your Music for Just £4.99 Annually!

MAC Music Global recognizes the significance of pricing in the music distribution landscape. Unlike some platforms, where costs can quickly add up, MAC Music Global lets you unleash your creativity for an annual fee of just £4.99! Yes, you heard it right – an entire year of distribution for a mere £4.99!

No Extra Charges for Daily Stats: Track Your Success Without Breaking the Bank!

Daily statistics are vital for artists looking to gauge the impact of their music. At MAC Music Global, we believe that this crucial insight should be accessible without any extra charges. Unlike other platforms, we do not impose additional fees for daily analytics – it’s all included in your £4.99 annual subscription.

YouTube Content ID at Your Fingertips: Unmatched Value, Unmatched Inclusion!

But that’s not all! Your £4.99 subscription also unlocks the unparalleled advantage of YouTube Content ID. While other platforms may charge extra for this invaluable service, MAC Music Global includes YouTube Content ID in the same £4.99 annual package, offering unbeatable value to our artists.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Music Without Breaking the Bank!

In a world where every penny matters, MAC Music Global sets itself apart by delivering exceptional services at an unbeatable price. For just £4.99 a year, you can distribute your music, access daily statistics, and harness the power of YouTube Content ID. It’s time to revolutionize your music release strategy – choose MAC Music Global and make your mark in the industry without burning a hole in your pocket!