Withdrawal of Earnings (Payment Methods)

Things to know first;

Streaming services typically provide these reports monthly, reflecting sales from around 3 months ago. So, if someone listened to your song yesterday, their copyright won’t appear on your MAC profile until about 3 months later.This will be updated monthly after the first royalties arrive. Not all water flow services report at the same time or at the same frequency. In summary, all platforms keep your earnings in the first 3 months and after 3 months you will receive your payment regularly every month.

After entering your bank or Wise account information, if you have earnings, they will be automatically deposited into your account on the 15th of each month. You can check your earnings from the Bank and Statistics section.

MAC accounting team works meticulously to ensure that you receive your earnings without loss and on time. If you want to receive your earnings quickly and without interruption, MAC recommends you use the WISE application. Our preferred payment method is WISE because it makes us happy to deliver your winnings to you as soon as possible; Your satisfaction is our happiness.