Youtube Content ID

Earn money from any video uploaded to Youtube that uses your music with Youtube Content ID!

MAC does not charge you extra for the Youtube ContentID  feature.

Monetize your songs on YouTube for free with Content ID!

With over 1 billion unique users each month, YouTube has become the main search engine for music. With our monetization service, you can earn money when your tracks are used in any video uploaded to YouTube. Simply sign up for our digital distribution platform and select “Submit to All Platforms” when submitting your songs to online music services. It’s that simple.

Content ID is the digital fingerprinting system that YouTube uses to identify and manage copyrighted content. When MAC Music Global distributes your music to YouTube, the Content ID system automatically creates an asset. Each asset is stored in YouTube’s Content ID database and then scans all new and existing videos for matching content upon upload.

All entities can only exist in the database once. If two separate users try to distribute the same content in the same region, this is considered an ownership conflict and must be resolved before the content can be successfully distributed to YouTube.

– You must own exclusive copyright to the materials contained in the reference file for the territories in which you claim ownership.

The following examples cannot be used in reference or reference:

Content licensed non-exclusively from a third party

Content released under Creative Commons or a similar free/open license

Images, recordings or compositions found in the public area

Clips from other sources used under fair use guidelines

Footage taken while playing a video game (by a user other than the game’s publisher)